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A sustainable company

As part of i-team Global, i-giene also adheres to the core values of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), aligning our values with the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We already hold an EcoVadis Silver rating, with a strong emphasis on human rights and labor conditions. In 2023, we aim to achieve Certified B Corporation (B Corp) status, further confirming our commitment to the highest standards of social responsibility and sustainability.

Making a difference together Sustainability objectives


Climate neutrality

We are investing significantly in renewable energy. With a substantial solar farm on our Flight Forum building, we generate one million kWh annually, enough to power our entire Flight Forum and more. We are actively working to eliminate gas usage in our other buildings and warehouses. Our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) protocol is under development, focusing on Scope 3 emissions.


Closing the living wage gap

As part of our UNGC membership, we are implementing the living wage standard, ensuring that all i-team Global employees worldwide earn a decent living wage. This has already been achieved for our Dutch team.


Reducing water usage

We are committed to water conservation in both our products and facilities. Hydraloops in our Flight Forum building capture and reuse water from sinks and showers. Additionally, we continuously minimize water usage in our product development.

Contributing to sustainability every day

A selection of our initiatives

Charitable causes

A collective impact

At i-team Global and all subsidiaries, including i-giene, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our organization. That's why we are deeply involved in charitable projects, both locally and globally. Our dedication to these projects reflects our belief that collective efforts can make a significant difference in our communities and the world.

Circular sustainability

Giving machines a new lease on life

Our innovative program, the Sustainability New Life initiative, gives machines a second life. We repurchase machines from i-team Global clients and take in machines from i Solution. These are then refurbished at our refurbishment center in Eastern Europe. The machines are upgraded to the latest versions before finding new markets, such as in Africa. This gives these machines a second life, with environmentally friendly disposal of all non-recyclable materials. Even depleted or damaged batteries are returned to our local i-team members for refurbishment.

Flight Forum

A sustainable oasis

Our office at Flight Forum is a testament to our sustainability vision. With over 2,700 solar panels, water recycling ponds, and a fleet of electric vehicles, it exemplifies our dedication to reducing our CO2 footprint. Our BREEAM certification underscores our commitment to sustainability.

WE-support foundation

Achieving more together

We take pride in our WE-support Foundation, where we believe we can achieve more together. WE-support seeks impactful charitable projects, both locally and globally, and hosts charity events. These events bring together our valued donors for an unforgettable evening of giving back. 

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Made Blue

Every drop counts

In a world where over 2.7 billion people face water shortages, we have partnered with the Made Blue Foundation. To date, we have contributed 1,475,452,848 liters of water, making a tremendous impact on thousands of lives worldwide. Additionally, we have contributed to preventing 8,875* tons of CO2 emissions, 12,678* tons of plastic waste, and the deforestation of 190,172* trees.

By using the i-mop, you reduce water consumption during cleaning, directly contributing to improving water availability in developing countries. The Made Blue Foundation aims to ensure clean drinking water for everyone through the 'one liter for one liter' program and other initiatives.

* as of January 2024

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B Corp

A better future

The B Corp certification process assesses a company's impact on governance, transparency, social performance, environmental performance, and legal accountability. By pursuing B Corp certification, i-team Global publicly commits to upholding the highest standards of social responsibility and sustainability, for both people and the planet.

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