Protective Hand Gel Fresh Scent  | 100ml

Protective Hand Gel Fresh Scent | 100ml

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i-protect® protective hand gel is a hand gel for effective care and improvement of personal hygiene. The gel possesses the unique mineral properties of aXonnite® technology (silver). The mineral particles form an active protective layer to make sure bacteria don’t stick around.


  • Power of aXonnite® particles and effectively cleans.
  • aXonnite® technology contains microscopic mineral particles (silver).
  • Using active natural ingredients like aXonnite® will reduce the negative impact on the earth.
  • Perfume added for a fresh fragrance.

Silver is very important for the proper functioning of all organisms. Thanks to its presence we regenerate quicker and we are more resistant to bacteria, viruses, and fungi.


Apply an appropriate amount of gel on the hands. For optimum results, rub the gel for 40 seconds. Allow your hands to air dry. 

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Contains 100 ML